There are five freedoms: the freedom to see and hear what is; the freedom to say what you feel and think; the freedom to feel what you actually feel; the freedom to ask for what you want; the freedom to take risks on your own behalf. – Virginia Satir

The better we take care of ourselves and maintain a professional separation from our clients, the more we will be in a position to be truly empathetic, compassionate, and useful to them. – Babette Rothschild

Much of the potency of your helping relationships lies beneath the healing tasks you consciously undertake. As a helping professional, your inner world overlaps your client’s.  The more you “grok” your own experience of that intersubjective space, the more you can:

  • Soothe your own nervous system in order to “share” that calm.
  • Create safe containers and clear boundaries.  
  • Recognize the intelligence of your own hidden parts. 
  • Connect personal typologies to better self-care.
  • Befriend the inner critic. 
  • Uncover the wisdom of “body talk.”
  • Apply a “systems-approach” to understanding helping-relationship dynamics. 
  • Reduce your vulnerability to compassion fatigue and burnout.  
  • Gain insight into your clients’ worlds.

For the rest of 2023, you’re invited to a free “Calm Call” on the second-Friday-of-the-month, noon to 1:00 p.m., PST, to explore the back-and-forth of emotional regulation with clients.  Contact Carolyn to be on the Calm Call Zoom invitation list.  

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